About the webcam beach view

Bognor Regis webcam view

Here is a is a photo of the view of the beach at Bognor Regis with a numbered key below.

  1. Seafront flats
  2. Bognor Regis Town Hall
  3. Theatre
  4. Butlins Bognor Regis
  5. Seafront flats - Esplanade Grande
  6. Seafront flats
  7. Felpham beach
  8. Middleton-On-Sea beach
  9. Elmer beach
  10. Brighton
  11. Beacon (this is lit to mark various occasions)
  12. Childrens play area
  13. Childrens Bouncy Castle and Merry Go Round (seasonal)
  14. Rainwater Outlets - NOT sewage!
  15. Bognor Fishermens Association fishing foats - they go out most days weather permitting normally in the morning
  16. Fresh fish stall. The fish that the fishermen catch is sold here. You can follow them on their Facebook page to keep updated when the next catch is in and the stall is open.

Bognor Regis Beach live webcam view