About the Bognor Regis Beach Webcam

The webcam you see the live images from, is situated on the East Tower of the Pier at Bognor Regis (UK)

It is with great thanks to the owners of Bognor Regis Pier to allow this independent webcam to be installed to provide the 24/7 live views with sound that is does.

The Bognor Regis webcam Idea

Bognor Regis webcam view east

Back in 2009, it seemed that a lot more information of Bognor's biggest asset... the beach, was missing on the internet. With that this independently run website was born. One thing that was lacking was a webcam to show the world what a great beach Bognor Regis has. So on June 21st 2012, this webcam was installed and went live for the first time.

Webcam Technology

Bognor Regis Webcam

The camera is made by Earthcam who also provide the streaming service that produces the 24/7 live streaming views that include sound.

The camera has its own wiper and a heating/demisting element for those damp rainy days as well as an internal fan for when the sun is shining. All to make sure the camera runs the best it can in all weathers throughout the year.

The camera is in a static position in that it has a fixed view. However, it is zoomed in from to time, to show a closer image of the beach. When this happens, the camera automatically resets to the full view on the hour.

Also at certain times throughout the year, the camera maybe re-positioned. These notifications will appear above the webcam live streaming view.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the webcam, or visit our Website facebook page or follow is on Twitter.

We hope you enjoy the live webcam view.

Happy viewing, Colin Clark

Frequently asked question

Can the webcam be turned round to face the other way?

Answer - Sorry ... No.

The webcam is static and is installed on the Eastern tower on Bognor Regis Pier for the following reasons:

  • The bulk of the prevailing weather comes from the West in Bognor Regis. During winter storms the webcam despite being protected somewhat by the rest of the pier structure, is frequently covered in sea/salt spray. Even though the webcam does have a wiper, it is difficult to keep the front glass clean on a regular basis as the glass needs to be wet in order for it to be cleaned well automatically.
  • If the webcam was facing the other way (West), this effect would be considerably worse and viewing would be severely compromised especially during the winter months due to sea spray.
  • The West tower (facing West), also houses air conditioning fans which are very noisy. This noise would drown out the sounds of the sea and gulls that many people like to hear.
  • It was decided that overall throughout the year, the East view was better.
  • It was also far more convenient to locate the webcam where it currently is, due to power/internet and accessibility for maintenance.

Although the webcam in its current location can be swung round to view the West, due to the position/location of the webcam on the Pier and the camera field of view, if it were to be turned round, the view would be mostly of the pier structure and nothing of the sea.

Do let us know of your thoughts about the webcam by droping us a line - contact us.

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