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There’s some excellent diving along the English Channel coast around Bognor Regis.

The historic D-Day invasion of Normandy in 1944, which helped to end the Second World War, involved the invading British, American and Canadian troops taking their own harbours with them. These were constructed by linking together hundreds of concrete boats called Mulberries, as the codename for the invasion was Operation Mulberry.

The Far Mulberry

One of the pre-constructed units sank just a mile off the Pagham shore. Lying in 10 metres of water, it is rated as one of England’s top dives and great for fish life. A damaged Mulberry can be seen at low tide on the beach at Aldwick, about a mile west of West beach.

The Moxon Hole

A famous Roman river site about half a mile out from Selsey Bill, which can be seen across the bay to the west. It’s a fantastic wall dive starting from only 6 metres and dropping dramatically to 28 metres, featuring ancient fortifications hundreds of years old.

Bognor Reef

A favourite shore dive in 5 metres of water. Many different species of fish and crustaceans make their home there. You can generally see the rocks that make up the reef at mid to low tide, in an arc to the west of the pier.

The Moldova

This P&O liner sank in 1918 and lies in 45 metres of water off Bognor Regis. It was named by Diver Magazine in 2000 as the third most interesting divable wreck around Britain.

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Also see the interactive map of wrecks at:- https://map.forgottenwrecks.org/

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