Beach safety & health care

When summer arrives, many of us look forward to spending time outside in the sunshine, and on the beach.

Keeping safe in the sun

The salty sea air and reflections off the water, can enhance the effects of the sun on your skin, weather you're just relaxing on the beach, having fun on the sand, swimming or just walking. Using the proper sun protection is a must, especially for children. Always make sure you have the right skin protection for your skin.

Suggestions for your beach bag

  • A water resistant sunscreen lotion will help protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Sunscreens should be applied at least 20 minutes before going out on the beach. Also reapply the sunscreen after swimming. (Always read the manufacturers instructions of your sunscreen product).
  • A lip protection guard will help your lips retain moisture. There are various good quality lip balms available at Boots, Superdrug and other Chemists in the town centre shopping area.
  • A hat will not only protect your hair from the damage by the sun, but can also keep you cool. Sit in the shade whenever it is possible. Hats are also available to buy in the town centre shopping area.
  • A beach Umbrella. Ok we know this may not fit in your beach bag, but if you have one you may be glad that you took it as there is little shade on the beach.

First aid

Foreshore Officers at east beach are on duty from May through till September. The foreshore officers patrol the promenade and operate a first aid post.

Lost children

The foreshore office also operates a free kid care armband service. On arrival to Bognor Regis Beach (East Beach), visit the foreshore office and they will provide you with a free wristband for your children which identifies the area of the beach within which you are spending your time. This means that if your child wanders it is simple for them to be guided back to safety.

Sea safety

Always swim close to the shore. Do not jump or dive from the groynes or other structures including the pier. Do not swim after drinking alcohol or soon after eating. Do not take inflatable's such as li-los or small inflatable craft into the water - they can get blown out to sea very easily.