Sea fishing at Bognor Regis

Sea fishing at Bognor Regis

One of the oldest pastimes, amateur sea fishing from the beach and the pier has alsways been very popuar at Bognor Regis.

Some of the fish that can be caught are: Bass, bream, cod, codling, dabs, dogfish, dover sole, flounders, gurnard, mackerel, mullet, plaice, pouting, sole, smooth hounds, whighting, and wrasse.

Fishing from the pier

The pier is privately but the owners do allow fishing from it. The best place is at the end of the pier and of course when the tide is in.  The best time to fish on the pier is two hours either side of high tide.

Dispose of litter properly

Whatever beach, please do make sure to dispose on any litter properly. There are a number of litter bins along the promenade by Bognor Regis beach, thank you.

Bognor Regis Beach live webcam view